First foldable iPhone could launch in 2023 with an 8-inch display

A new report pegs the first foldable iPhone to launch sometime in 2023 with a display size ranging from 7.5-inches to 8-inches, depending on whether Apple is able to solve the technological hurdles that it faces with the new technology.

A foldable iPhone has been rumored since last year, and there have been multiple patent filings by Apple which show that the company has been researching the various aspects of such a device.

Foldable iPhone with hinge

Foldable iPhone coming in 2023 with 7.5-8 inch display

Ming-Chi Kuo’s report states that the foldable iPhone is currently a research project and might never see the light to the day. There has been no official kick-off the turn it into a viable product. Apple works on many prototypes that are eventually canceled if they do not meet the company’s standards and requirements.

The report also mentions a 2023 launch date and says that it is dependant on Apple being able to solve key technology and mass production issues. However, it is surprising that for a product that is only in research phase and not officially kicked off, there is an estimated launch date available.

Previous reports have said that LG is working with Apple on its foldable iPhone, and that it will launch with Apple Pencil support. Bloomberg had reported that Apple’s foldable iPhone will be similar to Samsung Fold and Motorola Razr, however, current prototypes show reliability issues and creases in the display. Leaker Jon Prosser also reported that Apple’s foldable iPhone will have two separate displays, similar to the Surface Duo, however, this report has not been corroborated by any other source so far.

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Even if Apple is able to launch its foldable iPhone in 2023, it will not be the first in a market where expensive foldable smartphones are available from the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Samsung has multiple foldable devices available at the moment, and will likely have matured its foldable tech by 2023.

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