France CNIL data protection authority is doubtful of Apple’s ATT feature application for its own apps – Report

Earlier this month, a lobby group ‘France Digitale’ file a complaint against Apple at the EU antitrust commission accusing the iPhone maker of pushing advertising its own apps without users’ consent. Now, it is reported that the French CNIL data protection authority is doubtful of Apple’s compliance with EU privacy rules.

Although the French competition authority ruled in favor of the Cupertino tech giant’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature, the CNIL is concerned about the implementation of new privacy rules on the company’s own apps.

Apple Privacy labels

French data protection authority wants ATT privacy features implemented on Apple’s own apps as well

In reference to the complaint filed by the French digital advertisers’ group, the CNIL president Marie-Laure Denis commented,

“Apple’s advertising processing requires consent when it involves reading or writing data on the user’s device. Apple’s practices suggest a lack of consent collection.

The pop-up proposed by the Apple company differs positively from some interfaces that do not comply with the regulations.

Having said that, the CNIL does acknowledge the difference between “privacy-friendly and data-hungry, intrusive business models.” But the authority states that the law applies to all, including Apple. The report states,

Because the CNIL’s opinion was written to inform a case led by another authority, the regulator does not reach firm conclusions about potential privacy violations. But, the watchdog says, if it is confirmed that Apple does need to collect consent, and that consent is effectively not collected, “the situation would be a major breach of regulations.”

Apple App Tracking Transparency

Apple’s spokesperson highlighted that,

“Privacy is built into the ads we sell on our platform. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by allowing users to opt out of Apple’s limited first-party data use for personalized advertising, a feature that makes us unique.”

Recently, the Cupertino tech company launched a new ‘Privacy-Label’ support page on to detail the privacy policies of all of its app across devices.

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