Gentler Streak updated with 2022 Activity Recap and support for Apple Watch Ultra Action Button

Gentler Streak, which was recently named the Apple Watch App of the year, has been updated to version 2.7.5. The headlining feature of this update is the 2022 Activity Recap. In addition, the app now offers support for the Apple Watch Ultra Action Button.

Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak updated to version 2.7.5

Forget your yearly music recap, Gentler Streak’s latest update includes the 2022 Activity Recap. The feature shows users a summary of their workouts and related activities for 2022. The functionality is free and available to new users as well.

See everything you’ve done in 2022 with this activity recap. See the Yorharts you’ve collected, the distance you’ve covered, total hours actively spent off the couch… to help spread the word, and motivate your friends, we’ve created a neat SHARE option! Check it out.

Activity Replay Gentler Streak

The latest update also includes support for the Action Button that can be found on the side of the new Apple Watch Ultra. The Action Button can be programmed to open certain apps or to perform specific functions. In reference to Gentler Streak, the app now allows users to start a workout and pause/resume it using the Action Button.

Gentler Streak Apple Watch

In related news, Gentler Streak has been named the App of the Year for Apple Watch. This is an impressive feat considering that the app, which was released for iPhone in 2021, only came to the Apple Watch this year. The co-founder and CEO of the app, Katarina Lotrič, shared her excitement about the honor in the following statement:

When we found out we were stunned, speechless and in a way still are. I don’t think it has sunk in yet what we have achieved in this short amount of time. For a small independent team of four this came as a huge shock, a positive one obviously. :) We see it as an extraordinary confirmation of our work, our vision, our relevance in time and place, and are super happy our message and philosophy is now being spread across the globe. There’s still so much we want to and will bring to life, and we are looking forward to every minute of it. I think it’s safe to say we are just getting started.

As described by Lotrič, Gentler Streak is a “workout and fitness tracker that stimulates a self-compassionate approach to active life, where recovery is as important as intensity.” The app seeks to dispel “toxic competitive culture,” while also helping users cultivate realistic fitness habits that last.

You can download Gentler Streak for free from the App Store here. You can choose from several different premium plans to unlock all features. Note that the app requires iOS 13.0 or later to work on iPhone.

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