Google Acquires BlindType

BlindType has announced on it has blog that its been officially acquired by Google. What’s BlindType you ask? Its an amazing technology that surfaced back in July that enables exactly what it’s name suggests – typing blindly. According to BlindType, “there’s a reason the user touched the screen where they did” and that “most inputs are just not errors.” BlindType lets you type anywhere on the screen and takes care of the rest by translating your movements into text.

Google BlindType

BlindType’s ability is based on the user typing as if they were typing on a QWERTY layout. It doesn’t require a fixed location of an on screen keyboard, this enables users to type without having to look at the screen. BlindType’s technology opens doors to new possibilities as it eliminates the need to have an on screen keyboard at all!

Android is expanding its horizon gradually, and this might be another step in Android’s advancement. BlindType has not yet been released to the general public and Google’s acquirement has come at the right time. Check out BlindType in action on a Nexus One and an iPhone.

[Via Engadget]

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