Google Home app for iOS to get Matter support

Google has announced the integration of Matter support in the Google Home app for iOS.  Earlier, the tech company added Matter support on Android and Nest devices.

Google Home for iOS allows users to set up, manage, and control Google Nest, Google WiFi, Chromecast devices, and other compatible home smart home devices directly from their iPhones.

Previously, the Google Home app was updated to version 3.0.111 which enabled users to control their streaming and media devices via the app, receive helpful alerts for presence sensing when the phone’s location is incorrect, and send feedback on camera events with video clips.

Before support for Matter, the Google Home app for iOS get new features and 50 improvements

Matter is a new smart home connectivity standard that supports a wide variety of smart home accessories to work together across platforms and offers consumers more choices. In iOS 16.1, Apple introduced support for Matter in its Home app.

According to Google’s announcement post, the Google Home app will gain support for Matter in iOS 16.5 update which is expected to release next week. Soon users will be able to set up, control, and automate Matter devices, along with Nest and thousands of Google Home devices from a single app.

We’re now expanding Matter support in the Home app to iOS. In the coming weeks, with iOS 16.5, you’ll be able to set up and control your Matter devices in the Google Home app on iOS devices.

Google Home app for iOS

Apple recently seeded iOS 16.5 RC to developers and beta testers which is usually the last build of an update before its public release. After a leaker claimed that iOS 16.5 would be released next week, Apple confirmed the rumor in the press release of the new Pride Edition watch band, watch face, and iOS wallpaper. 

Furthermore, the tech company is also releasing new features and improvements on Google Home app for iOS starting May 11:

  • The ability to reorder your Favorites – so you can edit and change the order of your Favorites
  • A more helpful Activity tab – where you will find chronological events of your device and camera history
  • A new Inbox where you will receive actionable notifications so you don’t miss important updates
  • A streamlined section for your notification preferences in the Settings tab
  • And an easier and more precise vertical scrubbing of your camera events with event labels organized by type, such as person, package, vehicle, activity, or animal.
  • On Wear OS, we’re bringing your Favorites to your wrist, rolling out improved camera notifications with animated previews for your camera events and more powerful controllers.

Google Home app is available on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 15.0 or later.

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