Google TV’s Minisite Launches (Finally)

Google has just launched a minisite for Google TV that enlightens us with some of its major features. Finally putting the rumors and speculations to rest, the official site gives us an insight into what Google TV really is, what it’s meant to be, and how it’ll work. The minisite can take you on a quick tour, let’s you go through the key features and also provides some information for developers and buyers.


The features highlighted on the site are:


  • Google Search for your television.
  • Apps for your TV.
  • Using your phone as a remote control.
  • “Fling” content from your phone to your TV with a press of a button.
  • Access thousands of shows and movies via Netflix or Amazon.
  • YouTube specifically for your TV.
  • Browse and watch your content simultaneously.
  • Customizable homepage for your TV.
  • Recording shows directly from the search bar.
  • Stream photos from almost any photo sharing site.
  • Over-the-air-updates.


Crunchgear notes that the device’s “killer function” will probably be that major TV networks such as HBO, TNT, TBS and CNN will have a video portal  specially for Google TV. Explore the minisite further and check out the guided tours for more information.

[Via Crunchgear]

Update: Check out the Google TV apps in action. Look pretty good. [Via Gizmodo]

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