HomePod 2 to gain the new ‘Sound Recognition’ safety feature in Spring

Apple has announced the new HomePod 2 which retains the same cylindrical design language of the original HomePod but with modern tweaks like the illuminating backlit touch surface with controls and it is also slightly taller and lighter than its predecessor.

More importantly, the second-generation HomePod is powered by an S7 chip and powerful internal to deliver incredible audio with innovative safety features like Sound Recognition. 

apple HomePod 2

HomePod 2 new Sound Recognition feature will listen to smoke alarms, coming later this Spring

HomePod 2 is equipped with room-sensing technology to recognize sound reflections from surfaces to determine if it is against a wall or freestanding and adapt the sound in realtime.

The new speaker also supports the Sound Recognition feature to listen to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and send alert notifications to the user’s iPhone directly, when a sound is identified.

HomePod 2

However, users receiving their HomePod 2 starting on February 3 will not be able to use the new safety feature until later this Spring. In the speaker’s announcement press release, Apple said that the Sound Recognition feature would be released in an update coming in Spring.

The company also warned the users that Sound Recognition should not be relied upon during life-threatening situations or incidents where the users are harmed.

Sound Recognition will be available in a software update later this Spring.

Sound Recognition should not be relied upon in circumstances where users may be harmed or injured, or in high-risk or emergency situations. Sound Recognition requires the updated Home architecture, which will be available as a separate update in the Home app. It requires all Apple devices that access the home to be using the latest software.

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