HomePod Software Version 15.2 released with Apple Music Voice Plan and new Siri languages

Apple has released HomePod Software Version 15.2 for all HomePod models. The update brings support for Apple Music Voice Plan, as well as new Siri languages to the classic HomePod, as well as HomePod mini.

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HomePod Software Version 15.2

Apple Music Voice Plan is a new $4.99 subscription tier that works only via Siri. The service works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac as well as HomePod. While it gives access to the complete library that users with more expensive Apple Music subscriptions have, users do not get to use the service without Siri, and also do not gain access to Lossless and Spatial Audio.

Here are the complete release notes from Apple for HomePod Software version 15.2:

Software version 15.2 includes support for Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription tier designed to access music using Siri, and extends Siri voice recognition to new languages. This update also includes performance and stability improvements.

Although it has not been shared in detail in the release notes, the new Siri voice recognition languages include Dutch and French in Belgium, Russian in Russia, and French, German, and Italian in Switzerland.

Install HomePod Software Version 15.2

HomePod software version 15.2 can be installed on a HomePod by using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac that was used to set it up. Go to the Home app on any of the connected devices, and navigate to Home Settings > Software Update. Select HomePod and the update will show up. Click or tap on the Update button and the process will start. You will know that your HomePod is updating because it will show a white spinning light. Once the update completes, the light will go back to normal. Make sure that you do not disconnect your HomePod or your device during the update process.

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