iPhone 13 holds value 50% better than Google Pixel 6 – Report

Google launched Pixel 6 in October, almost two months after the launch of Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 13 series in September. Powered by Google’s first custom-built process Tensor, Pixel 6 was considered a strong Android competitor of the iPhone 13. But only a month in the market, Pixel 6 has depreciated a lot faster than iPhone 13. 

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 series has seen “tremendously” low depreciation across the smartphone industry 

As per the report, iPhone 13’s launch is the most successful iPhone launch with an average of 21.8% low depreciation across the smartphone industry. On the other hand, all five models of the Pixel 6 series have devalued at an average of 42.6%. 

Apple’s iPhone 13 enjoys continued buoyancy in terms of valuation, recovering yet more of its initial depreciation in months two and three. At an average of 21.8%, this is still the most successful launch an iPhone has seen and represents tremendously low depreciation across the entire smartphone industry.

Google’s Pixel 6 has not fared so well in its first month. Across all five Pixel 6 models, the range has lost an average of 42.6% in value. This compares to a 24.9% average depreciation value in the iPhone 13’s first month, a difference of 17.7%.

Google Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13

Furthermore, after the iPhone 13’s value depreciated by 25.5% in the first month of launch, its value recovered in the second month with moving up to 21.8%, a 3.7% recovery. It is yet to be seen if Pixel 6 will recover its value. 

Every iPhone 13 model has seen a recovery in value compared to the initial depreciation at launch, and all iPhone 13 models are now worth more than they were 2 months ago. January 2022 (coincidentally, when Google Store anticipates shipping Pixel 6 handset again) will tell whether the Pixel 6 poses any real threat to the iPhone 13, although initial figures suggest Apple has little to worry about.

apple - iPhone 13 Pro

Although iPhone 13 is not that different in design and specs than its predecessor iPhone 12 series, the new upgrades are subtle but significant. The advanced sensor-shift image stabilization which was exclusively available in iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2020, is now available across iPhone 13 series, along with cinematic mode, Photographic styles, and improvements in battery life. The iPhone 13 Pro models offer a 120Hz ProMotion display and new Macro Photography feature that allows users to take beautiful and sharp close-ups of objects. But it is still reviewed as a better option than Pixel 6. Tom’s guide wrote that;

The Pixel 6 is the best phone Google’s ever made. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily ready to supplant flagships from Apple and Samsung among the best phones you can buy.

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