This is how to use Apple Watch under water

Although Apple Watch models are not waterproof, Series 2 and newer are swim-proof with up to WR50 water resistance. Apple Watch Ultra pushes the limit to 100 meters of water resistance and EN13319 certification makes it swim-proof and suitable for recreational dives up to 40m.

As the Apple Watch screen becomes unresponsive underwater, users can not use it to open new or change apps. And that might have been a problem for some users till now. That’s the new Apple Watch Ultra automatically launched the Depth app when the watch is submerged or has a pronounced side button to launch the app manually.

Rafael Zeier, a German YouTuber, and an Apple Watch Ultra owner found that Apple Watch can be easily used underwater through Assistive Touch.

apple Watch ultra - depth app

Easily, use Apple Watch Series 4 or newer underwater with Assistive Touch

Apple introduced a new accessibility feature “Assistive Touch” on watchOS which allows users to control their Apple Watch screen with hand gestures like pinch or clench without touching it. It is very useful for individuals with visual impairments, or situations when users are wearing gloves, or are unable to touch the screen physically.

That is what @Zeier did to control his new Apple Watch Ultra underwater to access the control center, and music app, and start a workout. 

Apple watch Assistive touch

To use Assistive Touch, users need an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer model to control the screen through the following gestures:

  • Pinch: Forward
  • Double-pinch: Back
  • Clench: Tap
  • Double-clench: Show the Action Menu

Apple watch Assistive touch

A range of actions can be carried out using the Assistive Touch hand gesture like the following:

  • Tap the display
  • Swipe between screens
  • Press and turn the Digital Crown
  • Hold the side button
  • Confirm double-clicks of the side button
  • Show apps
  • Use Apple Pay
  • Access Notification Center, Control Center, and the Dock
  • Activate Siri
  • Run a Siri shortcut

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