iOS 16 causing Assistive Touch not to work for some users, try this workaround if your iPhone is affected

iOS 16 is finally out and like any other major software update, it has some kinks that need to be addressed. One of the issues users are facing is with Assistive Touch. According to numerous reports, the accessibility feature is not functioning as it should after the installation of iOS 16. If your iPhone is also affected, try this workaround.

iOS 16

Assistive Touch not functioning properly after iOS 16 update

When you use Assistive Touch, a button appears on the display of your iPhone. The button can be dragged anywhere on the screen and it stays there until you move it again. However, some iPhone users are not able to move the button even though the feature itself is functioning properly.

A ton of users have shared their issues with Assistive Touch on social media. According to this Reddit user, they have also not been able to move the button around the screen after installing iOS 16.

Anyone else having trouble with Assistive Touch? Since updating to iOS16, I haven’t been able to move it around the screen, which was utterly convenient. Now it just stays at the bottom right corner and blocks buttons/text at the same area. Is there a fix to this? Aside from, of course, turning it off or adjusting its idle opacity. Lol. Thank you!

It is likely that Apple will fix this issue in a future iOS 16 update. However, in the meantime, toggle the Assistive Touch feature on/off and it should start functioning normally.

Assistive Touch

If you haven’t done so already, learn how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone here.

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