Android has already copied iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro is yet to reach the average customer, but Android has already gotten a copy of the Dynamic Island feature. A developer has created a theme for Xiaomi MIUI, which has been approved by the Xiaomi Theme Store, which brings the feature to Android smartphones.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island on Android

The theme, titled “Grumpy UI”, is one of the new themes for Xiaomi devices, that mimics Apple’s Dynamic Island feature exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro lineup. Dynamic Island, officially called Smart Island by Apple in China, brings live activities, alerts, and different notifications to the new smaller notch, as well as allows users to multitask with ease.

While the imitation Dynamic Island in “Grumpy UI”, users can get headphone connection alerts, charging alerts, and a music player, from what we have seen so far on Twitter. You can check it out in the Tweets embedded below:

The irony with this imitation is that you can see Twitter and Reddit full of users who believe that it is not a useful feature. But users seem to be flocking to the concept and trying to get the feature working on their Android phones.

Apple took ages to come up with a smart solution that makes the notch area more useful than ever, while developers took just a few days to copy the feature for Android. It will be interesting to see if and how Android OEMs copy their feature, and what they call it.

Have you tried this theme on your phone? Let us know what you think of Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature.

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