How to use Live Captions in iOS 16 to transcribe any content

For users with hearing impairments, Apple has introduced a new Live Captions feature in iOS 16. Currently, in beta, the upcoming capability generates transcription of what is said in the videos, and FaceTime audio and video calls in real-time for deaf or hard of hearing users to easily follow along with the conversation.

Compatible with iPhone 11 and newer models, Live Captions supports English (U.S. and Canada) to turn spoken dialogues into text and display them in real-time on the iPhone screen. However, it must be kept in mind that the accuracy of Live Captions may vary and users shouldn’t rely upon the feature in high-risk or emergency situations.

Live Captions - iOS 16

Here is how to enable Live Captions in iOS 16 to transcribe any content

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Accessibility.
  2. In the menu, tap on Live Caption and swipe on the toggle to turn on the feature. iOS 16 - Live Captions
  3. When enabled, a transcription will appear throughout the system, Home Screen, Lock Screen, and in every app.
  4. Tap on the microphone icon to transcribe a conversation near you and tap on the pause button to pause or stop the transcription.
  5. The transcription widow can be made bigger and restored to a smaller size by tapping on the expansion and minimizing buttons. Users can also hide the window by tapping on the arrow button on the left side of the window.iOS 16 - Live Captions

You can also customize the text, size, and color of the captions.

  1. Settings app > Accessbility > Live Caption > Appearance.

iOS 16 - Live Captions

As the Live Captions feature is enabled for all apps by default, users can change the setting to specify certain apps to get Live Captions.

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