HP to Kill Windows 7 Tablet Project aka HP Slate

After confirmation that Microsoft has cancelled their Courier Tablet Project, we have big news that HP has cancelled the idea for Windows 7 and Intel based hardware for HP slate as reported by Techcrunch. So, it means we will not see HP slate which was expected to be launched this summer.


The reasons for cancelling the project is that HP is not satisfied with Windows 7 as a tablet operating system. Intel based hardware is too power hungry which may cause battery life problems for HP slate.

So, with this news we can safely assume that Apple would dominate the Tablet device market as both Microsoft Courier and HP slate are cancelled. Android based Tablets are also in the market but they haven’t been able to provide any sort of competition to the iPad. HP slate may come back later this year or next year but it will not have Windows 7 in it. So, the question arises that what would be the OS for HP slate? They have an option of Android or Chrome OS or they can also bring Web OS to the Slate as they have just bought Palm.

Another reason that could have caused doubts for HP slate is that iPad launched with great success. One of the best things about the iPad is its OS and maybe that’s why HP changed their mind and is planning to use some other OS in their Tablet. Well this may work in their favor as some leaked screenshots, videos and reviews of the HP slate were not looking that much impressive with Windows 7.


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  2. I guess they killed it after they spent all that money on Palm. Will be interesting if they don’t shortly release a new version using somehow incorporating that.

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  4. The simple truth about why Android-based tablets cannot (and never will) compete with ipad is that “they’re too darn expensive!” It’s a money thing. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I am willing to bet that Apple will dominate upwards of 50% of the entire tablet market within 24 months the way they’re going.

  5. @ Gary, I don’t disagree with your assessment at all. When I first saw other companies comping out with tablets I thought “Good. Competition for over-priced Apple products”. Now I see that Android tablets simply aren’t going to put a dent in Apple’s market share with these way too expensive “clones”. I’m going out to get myself an iPad :)

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