Apple executive discuss the new iMac 2021’s design, color, Touch ID, and more

In a new “Upgrade” podcast episode on Relay FM, Apple’s Worldwide Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Mac, Colleen Novielli, and Engineer Program Manager at Mac Architecture, Navpreet Kaloty discussed Apple redesigned all-in-one computer in detail including the M1 chip, matching accessories, Touch ID and also the more the controversial design features like light front color and big chin.

Both executives, Novielli and Kaloty introduced the new 24-inch iMac 2021 powered by M1 chip at the Spring Loaded, April 20 event. The company announced Macs’ transition from Intel processor to Apple silicon at WWDC 2020, since then, it has introduced MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and now the iMac with custom silicon to offer high-quality performance and incredible battery life. In comparison to the previous 21.9-inch iMac, the new computer is thinner, with a smaller footprint, has a larger screen, and an all-new flat edge-to-edge design. Although the seven new vibrant colors are reminiscent of the 1999 iMac series, speculators have been questioning the company’s design of the white display border and big and rather unnecessary chin. Novielli and Kaloty discuss the concept behind the changes in the podcast.


Apple executives say that the M1 iMac 2021 borders are meant to complement home design

As heard by 9to5Mac, Novielli explained that Apple introduced 7 new colors to give users personalized options to choose an iMac as per their room decor or color preference. She said, “time for color is now. The colors are designed to bring a sense of brightness, optimism, and joy. I think we can all agree that’s something everyone needs at the moment.”

Defending the white border around the display, she said that the color is not “white” but rather “light gray” and “the borders are meant to complement the typical home design, for one, and blend into the background. The light gray borders are awesome. The lack of the stark contrast provides a more seamless experience for the user.”

Apple M1 iMac

As for the chin, Novielle said that it not only allows color to shine but has also enabled Apple to achieve a thinner 11.5 mm design by housing different components in the chin. Its 30% smaller footprint and 50% less volume make it fit in more places than before. She also added that the new Touch ID Magic Keyboard is compatible with all M1 Mac models.

M1 iMac magnetic connector

Moving on, Navpreet Kaloty highlighted the impact of M1 in achieving a more compact design of the iMac 2021 with USB-C to Thunderbolt ports, magnetic power connector, and speakers. He explained that the magnetic power connector “has custom-designed power and signal pins that “perfectly self-align” for easy connectivity. Apple also did a lot of “fine-tuning” to make sure the iMac cable only comes unplugged when intended.”

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