Instagram 2.1 Released with Lux feature, Updated UI and Sierra Filter


The guys behind Instagram slowly but gradually keep working on their iOS app to add new features and filters every now and then. One of the most significant features that they had recently added was tilt shift effect and how users could easily manipulate it with multi-touch for the desired effect. If done right, it can easily fool users into thinking the image is taken through a pro camera. But now, the team behind Instagram has taken things one step further by introducing a feature already available in rival apps called Lux.

Think of Lux as an HDR effect. It brings out the hidden details such as in a normal photo of a sky, you might miss out the clouds but Lux enhances the look of the app and modifies the mid-tones, shadows and highlights in an image to provide more details and clarity. For all Camera+ users, this is similar to the clarity feature available in their app.

Instagram 2.1 Released with Lux feature, Updated UI and Sierra Filter


Lux can be accessed by tapping the button that looks like the sun at the bottom left of the viewfinder.

Instagram Lux

The second (but really, should be the first considered that this is what everyone will notice at first glance), is the updated UI. There are updated icons all over and the toolbar at the bottom now looks similar to what you would find on Tweetbot.



Looks much better now in our opinion!

Third, they’ve added a new filter called Siera. Looks good and very retro!


Last is an update to how notifications work. Now when you tap a new Instagram push notification, it directly takes you to that photo or comment in the app. A much needed feature.

If you haven’t been using Instagram yet, you can download it from the App Store. You can follow me at @imhassan

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