Intel’s latest attack on Apple is its tweet asking users why they switched to a PC

Intel’s marketing push against Apple seems to be continuing without any stops. In its latest cringeworthy marketing tactic, the official Intel Twitter account asks for confessions for former Mac users and what made them switch to a PC. The Twitter account went on to create a thread asking for various reasons whether it was due to PC customization, countless games, various form factors, or so on.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users took this opportunity to roast Intel. Ironically, Intel has been hiding replies to its tweet.


Intel basically asked Twitter to roast it, by calling out Apple

Here’s the ingenious tweet that started it all:

We did not have to dig deep to find responses, since Intel was basically asking for them. Here are some of our favorite ones.

This Twitter user just went ahead and said the truth. Why go Intel if you want to use Windows? Most gamers just go for AMD, if they want to use Windows, including yours truly, so I can completely relate to this.

Of course, a gif from MKBHD’s video which made fun of Intel’s latest ‘social experiment’ ad also made an appearance, in which he basically says that none of them run Final Cut.

There were those users who see through Intel’s marketing campaign and called out the company for not taking the breakup well. We would not want to be in Intel’s shoes when they live stream Apple’s Unleashed event where the new M1X MacBook Pro models will be announced. We would not be surprised if the latest Apple Silicon decimates Intel in terms of performance, yet again.

Some users even reminded Intel that Apple is still selling Macs with their chips. Maybe someone should tell Intel as they have completely forgotten this important fact.

Of course, the Twitter ‘ratio’ also made an appearance, thanks to Luke Miani’s tweet.

As funny as it is, Intel’s desperate attempts are just sad now. They have scored too many own goals ever since Apple announced the first M1 Macs. We wonder if Apple will finally compare the new M1X MacBook Pro to Intel during the Unleashed event. We can’t imagine that the folks at Apple would be happy with all this.

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