Internet Explorer 9 Beta Could be Leaked Today for Download

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

According to IEbest, the site that previously released a video claiming to be of Internet Explorer 9, they’re planning to release a beta installer today, 2 days before Microsoft’s official launch. We had our doubts about the video though, as the UI shown in it was absolutely bad. The tab location was pathetic.

Microsoft never put a new UI in the platform preview builds. They didn’t even bother putting navigation buttons and and address bar on it. We expect to see Internet Explorer 9 hit beta status with a new UI. The UI and performance of opening/closing new tabs and windows could mean success or failure for IE 9. No one wants hardware rendering when the browser is shit slow and bloated like Internet Explorer 8 and previous versions.

In case the beta leaks today, we’ll definitely cover it. Here are the new features in Internet Explorer 9:

  • CSS 3 support
  • Rounded corners
  • Faster JS performance
  • GPU accelerated rendering ( Direct2D and DirectWrite support )If not today, we will definitely get our hands on Internet Explorer 9 Beta on September 15th. Hopefully, Microsoft can finally deliver a browser that deserves some respect.Else, Google Chrome is the champ.

Update: Pwned. The ‘launch’ of IE9 beta by IEbest has been delayed due to undisclosed reasons.

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  2. Chromium is OK browser, if you have low expectations for that type of program.

    Otherwise, Firefox 4 is THE best browser at this moment.

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