iOS 14 Beta 2 – Top new features and changes in the update [VIDEO]

Recently, Apple released the new iOS 14 Beta 2 for developers around the world. The update was announced last month at the all-online Annual WWDC 2020 and iOS Beta 1 was released immediately. The second beta dropped last week for all developers.

iOS 14 beta 2 is full of subtle improvements and updates for several apps and features. 9to5Mac shared a hands-on-walkthrough with the update as they went over around 50 new changes and features in iOS 14 beta 2.

Top new changes and features in iOS 14 Beta 2

Let us have a look at the most notable new changes and features in iOS 14 beta 2:

App Library

The App library auto-organizes in the new update. It lets users tap to hide pages, add the app suggestions, and apps hidden from home screen can now be deleted from within the app library.


The picture-in-picture feature now has 3 different sizes. Previously, the feature had a Small and Large size, but iOS beta 2 has a new medium size available.

ios 14 beta 2 features and changes

Night mode interruption

Previously, Night mode did not have an option to stop the picture for being captured. The new update offers a stop button in the night mode to interrupt the picture from being taken.


Several widgets received updates in the latest iOS beta. Files Widget now has medium and large size options with recent files, Widget colors now match the app’s default color, and a large photo widget (4×4) is available now.

ios 14 beta 2 features and changes 2

Offloaded applications

Offloaded applications on the iPhone are now displayed in the app library with a cloud icon next to them.

Haptic Feedback in the Music app

The Music app received several changes in the UI and now has haptic feedback on the play, pause, and next buttons. There is also haptic feedback while sliding the play head bar in the live lyrics view.

Weather app

The Weather app now displays the street location option. Clicking on the option will open the Maps app and redirect users to the location where the temperature was taken.

ios 14 beta 2 features and changes 3


Settings app received several changes in the new update. Some of them are:

  • Settings > Phone or Facetime > Incoming Call and Announce Calls glyphs
  • Settings > Sound and Haptics > Option for Reduce Loud Sounds moved up
  • Settings > Control Center > Home Toggle is back
  • Settings > Maps > Stairs are removed from cycling preferences
  • Settings > Wifi > Privacy warning is here
  • Settings > Music > Motion options
  • Settings > iCloud > Family Sharing glyph is here

These are just a few of the updates and changes that arrived with the new iOS 14 beta 2. Check out 9to5Mac’s full hands-on-walkthrough below:

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