iOS 15: Digital Legacy feature will let loved ones access your data in the event of your death

With iOS 15, Apple is finally introducing a Digital Legacy feature that will allow your loved ones to access your iCloud data in the event of your death. Users will be able to allow friends and family access to Photos, Notes, Contacts, and more. However, sensitive data such as saved credit cards and passwords will be off-limits.

Digital Legacy

Apple’s Digital Legacy service will allow users to set up legacy contacts

Currently, the service is not live. However, based on Apple’s limited description of Digital Legacy, we know that it will give your loved ones access to your data after your death using a legacy contact ID. Note that there is an expiration date for the data. Your legacy contacts will have a specified number of days to download all of your data.

Your assigned administrator will be able to access Messages, Photos, Notes, Contacts, Calendar events, purchased apps, and your device backup. However, sensitive information likes saved credit card, passwords and subscriptions will be off-limits.

Digital Legacy

Additionally, the tech giant will allow users to set Account Recovery Contacts. These contacts can help users access their Apple ID if they ever forget their password and cannot log in.

In the past, Apple has been heavily criticized for refusing to unlock devices or accounts in the event of a user’s death – even if a death certificate is presented. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google already offer similar services that give users the option to hand over their data to legacy contacts in the event of their death.

Digital Legacy will be available on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey respectively. The software updates, currently available as public betas for developers to test out, will be launched this fall.

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