iOS 16 allows users to remove Rapid Security Responses updates

In a strange move, Apple is allowing users to remove Rapid Security Responses in iOS 16. These are security updates, which are delivered more quickly than complete software updates, and were added as a new feature in iOS 16.

iOS 16 Rapid Security Responses


Typically, one would expect that security updates would not be optional, as they are anyhow going to be released later on in future software updates. Apple is also not known for allowing uninstallation of software updates or downgrading iOS versions. However, Apple has kept this completely optional. Users can decide whether they want to receive Rapid Security Responses, and if they do, they can later remove them too.

How to install or remove Rapid Security Responses

To enable Rapid Security Responses, following the below steps:

  1. Open Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone
  2. Tap on Automatic Updates
  3. Enable the toggle for Security Responses & System Files

This feature is not only enabled for your iPhone but also for any supported accessories. Your iPhone may also need to restart to complete the update installation.

Apple notes on its support page that you can remove a Rapid Security Response by going to Settings > General > About, tapping on the iOS version, and tapping on Remove Security Update.

Even after removing the update, you can re-enable the feature to reinstall the security update. A future update will include those security fixes though, which will be installed permanently on your iPhone. To stay on the safe side, it would be good to keep this option enabled.

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