iOS 18 “compelling” redesign to arrive this year, macOS upgrade slated for 2025

A new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hints at upcoming design changes for iOS 18 and macOS. According to Gurman, the next-generation software update for the iPhone will take design cues from the Vision Pro’s operating system. While the specific features remain under wraps, Gurman describes the update as “ambitious and compelling,” promising a significant leap forward alongside the visual refresh.

iOS 18

Apple’s refreshed iOS 18 design to be headlining announcement at WWDC 2024

Mark Gurman’s report hints at a significant redesign for iOS 18, potentially arriving this year. Initial rumors suggested a complete overhaul mirroring visionOS, but Gurman reveals a more subtle approach. Instead of replicating visionOS’ distinct visuals, iOS 18 will incorporate subtle design cues while retaining its unique identity. Described as “ambitious and compelling,” iOS 18 promises major new features alongside its refreshed design, raising anticipation.

VisionOS iOS 18

According to Gurman, macOS is also slated for a makeover, but it will take longer to arrive. The journalist revealed that Apple is in the early stages of redesigning the operating system, with changes expected to arrive in 2025 or 2026. Unlike the swift overhaul iOS received, macOS will evolve gradually, suggesting a more cautious approach. While we’ll have to wait a bit longer, the promise of a refreshed macOS interface adds another layer of excitement to Apple’s ecosystem.

A key takeaway is the divergence from visionOS’ distinct aesthetic. While visionOS boasts 3D buttons and glassy textures for passthrough video, iOS and macOS will retain their unique design languages. This highlights the tech giant’s commitment to crafting interfaces tailored to each platform’s specific functionalities. As both platforms transform, users can expect a cohesive yet differentiated visual experience across Apple devices.

In related news, Apple plans to introduce generative AI features in iOS 18, following the trend of AI-driven technologies. This move is aimed at bolstering Siri’s functionality, potentially allowing it to better grasp context and execute complex tasks, thereby enhancing user interactions. While some skepticism surrounds Apple’s ability to meet its ambitious timeline, reports have surfaced about the company’s efforts in this realm, including the development of an AI-powered chatbot internally known as “Apple GPT.”

Amid concerns about privacy implications associated with generative AI, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has emphasized a cautious and thoughtful approach, acknowledging the potential risks related to bias and misinformation that accompany such technologies.

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