iOS 4.3 Brings Back iPad’s Physical Orientation Lock Switch!

Another great news after WiFi ‘Personal Hotspot‘ confirmation in iOS 4.3 is the return of iPad‘s physical orientation lock switch. According to App Advice, a new setting lets you choose for the switch to be either act as an orientation lock or the new mute switch. The feature was present as default when iPad was first launched but was later removed with the introduction of iOS 4. Now by “popular demand”, Apple has eventually listened and brought the much wanted feature back in iOS 4.3.


It seems like Apple finally listened to the popular demand and has restored the ability to lock the screen’s orientation using the hardware mute switch on the iPad. That is, you’re now free to make your mute switch a mute switch, or a rotation lock in the settings. If you decide to turn your hardware button into a screen lock, the multitasking bar will then be getting a mute button. It’s a great solution

More new feature updates in iOS 4.3 are coming up, stay tuned!

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