iPad launch statistics by Steve Jobs

The keynote for iPhone OS 4 event has started and as expected it began with a recap of recent successful figures and stories. For all those who were wondering how well the iPad did in terms of sales figures and usage, here are some tidbits from Steve Jobs’ keynote so far:

  • 300,000 iPads sold on launch day.

  • 450,000 iPads sold so far. (average 37,500 per day after the launch day)

  • 3,500 iPad apps available in the App Store.

  • 600,000 iBooks downloaded through today.

  • 3.5 Million apps downloaded through today.

Typically these figures were coupled with a few great reviews from leading websites. What do you make of these figures is up to you. Meanwhile, multitasking and other such awesome features have been announced by Steve Jobs. Stay tuned as we bring you more coverage on iPhone OS 4!

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