Steve Jobs’ keynote for iPhone OS 4 event is now online

Yesterday’s keynote by Steve Jobs at iPhone OS 4 event is finally online on Apple’s website. As usual, the guy in the black turtleneck and blue jeans mesmerized the audience with his keynote. It’s one Stevenote you wouldn’t want to miss!

iPhone 4 Keynote

Here’s a preview of what is in the keynote: iPhone OS 4 was unveiled on 8 April with huge expectations. The announcements of features such as multitasking, Game Center, Folders, iBooks, wallpapers and many many more ( 100 features! ) have been well received by all iPhone and iPod Touch users around. Sadly, the full set of features will only be available to users with iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G while no iPhone OS 4 at all for first generation of these devices.

This is one keynote I will have to see as soon as I get some time. You’ll need to have QuickTime installed to watch this keynote. I wonder why they don’t use HTML5 for this. Watch the keynote here.

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