iPhone OS 4 gets a unified inbox with threaded messages

iPhone 4 Unified Inbox

The best mobile mail app has gotten even better! iPhone 4 Mail.app will have a unified inbox which means all your emails will show in 1 list. It’ll also support multiple exchange accounts, fast inbox switching (multitasking?), threaded messages ( yay! ) and let you open attachments with apps. If it lets you chose which third party apps to use for attachments, consider me as won over by this feature!

Apple, this was a long time coming, as were most other features that you unveiled yesterday.

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  1. Your article didn’t specify if the unified inbox was or wasn’t one of the features that would be available to the 3G model. Is it?

    1. Apart from multitasking Apple hasn’t announced which features will not make it to iPhone 3G. My guess is that unified inbox will be available for iPhone 3G but without fast inbox switching.

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