100 new user features in iPhone OS 4

iphone40software68 Steve Jobs has just announced the new features that would be in iPhone OS 4. There would about 100 new user features available in the new OS and some of those important features are :

  • Gift apps
  • Spell Checker
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • File and delete Mail search results
  • Home screen Wallpaper
  • Places in Photos ‘
  • Top to focus video
  • 5xdigital zoom
  • Web search suggestion
  • Search SMS/MMS
  • iPod Out
  • Card DAV
  • Sync IMAP
  • Notes
  • Birthday Calendar
  • Choose image size in mail messages
  • Persistent Wifi
  • Top hit in search
  • Larger Fonts for Mail/SMS and alerts
  • Card DAV
  • Nested Playlis
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  1. I really disapointed I am going to have buy a new Ipod Touch because the multitasking option isn’t going to work on my current one. Other then that the OS looks pretty sweet. Nice post *Thumbs up*

  2. i too, am pissed off, apple says there are over 100 new features wen there's like 20, i own a ipod touch 2g and apple wont let me change my home screen wallpaper!! and what good is the phone and camera features when ipod touch users cant phone or have a camera? apple really fucked this up…big time

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