iPad OS 3.2 jailbreak might just be around the corner

Geohot has posted keys to decrypt iPad OS 3.2 on his blog. While he hasn’t mentioned anything else, this is what he said: This is more exciting than a lot of you realize. Given the respect he has in the jailbreaking community, we can expect that a jailbreak for iPad OS 3.2 might be out very soon.

Keys for the 3.2 iPad firmware
KEY: 1E3A1CA2F45D15452B16B9FE0A2C214A0AF897F09EE269F8E5967FC74B1022AC
IV: 36E1BCD042AC193F7305C8E6077D3DF7

KEY: 31E7ECD9C364414205A8FA0092CC80C0D67EAE40E75FFA27B37048C42335A106
IV: 9C051576DDD94F48C324CF7AC3197FE1

And of course, the bootrom:
SecureROM for s5l8930xsi, Copyright 2009, Apple Inc.

This is more exciting than a lot of you realize.

Given that Cydia is up and running on the iPad as well, and an untethered userland jailbreak demo is out in the wild, we may finally have a jailbreak in the public. iPad OS 4.0 is expected to be available later this year with multitasking, game center and many new features so jailbreak might not seem that useful to many people now. But it’s always good to have a choice.

[via Redmond Pie]

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