Dev Team has a working jailbreak for iPhone OS 4 Beta

iPhone OS 4 BetaThe Dev Team has done it! MuscleNerd from the Dev Team has demonstrated a working jailbreak for iPhone OS 4 Beta using a VNC server which would only work on a jailbroken firmware.image

Here’s the video proof:

It’s only been a day since Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4, which brings a whole lot of new features ( to their OS, not the mobile industry ), such as multitasking, iBooks, Game Center, unified inbox, Folders, 5x digital zoom in camera and many more. You can check out our complete coverage of iPhone OS 4 here.

Don’t expect the jailbreak to be released to the public yet, as going by past jailbreak demo videos, the exploit will be hidden until the final version of iPhone OS 4 is released to the public. Things are really heating up in the jailbreak arena, and I can’t wait to see what George Hotz will have in store for us!

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