iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users report bugs with missing text messages and notifications

iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro users have been reporting many issues with messaging. These issues range from missing SMS messages, missing group text messages, and even missing notifications for text messages.

missing text messages iOS 14 iPhone 12 Pro

Missing text messages, notifications, and other messaging bugs on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

The issue is widespread and is not limited to just a few users. It is unclear if it is happening due to the latest iOS 14.2 update, or if it also happens on older iPhone models. For now, the vocal group of users that have complained in online forums have been iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users.

Missing text messages

The issue with missing text messages was first shared by Paul Thurrott more than 2 weeks ago.

Speaking of texts, I noticed during a group chat with our neighbors this week that I’m missing text messages randomly: You can tell from the context of some messages (“Laughed at [some message I never got]” and so on. Since my wife is on these conversations, I asked to look at her phone and saw that I had actually missed most messages, including several replies to messages I had sent. This is a huge problem. And given that I have two kids, it’s a potential safety issue. I’m still looking into this.

Suggested fix: Some users have reported that switching from 5G Auto to LTE fixed the issue for them. It’s worth a try, along with disabling text message forwarding if you have set it up for other Apple devices.

Missing messages from groups

This issue only affects non-iMessage-based text chats, which are still commonly used in the United States. You can read user experiences for this particular issue here.

Suggested fix: If you are on Verizon, try downloading the cellular company’s Message+ app from the App Store and deleting all messages from Verizon’s servers. You can also try resetting network settings, or switching from 5G Auto to LTE and see if it helps fix the issue for you.

Missing message notifications

For missing message notifications, a thread is available here on MacRumors forums, which starts with the below complaint. Many other users have also reported the same issue.

I am running 14.2 and have been experiencing problems with getting Messages Notifications. Sometimes I get notifications of new messages, sometimes I don’t. I have tried turning on/off notifications and also powering down/on my phone and doing a reboot to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this and were you able to fix the issue?

Suggested fix: Workarounds range from a simple restart to a complete reset, however, users report that the issue comes back despite these solutions.

As with all new iOS updates, or iPhone releases, there are always bugs in the first few months that Apple irons out and releases software updates to fix. Apple is already testing iOS 14.3 beta with testers, which contains new features and bug fixes. Maybe Apple might release an interim iOS 14.2.1 release to fix these particular issues with missing text messages and notifications.

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