Users report issues with iPhone 12 mini touch screen not working on lock screen

Users have been reporting issues with their iPhone 12 mini touch screen not working on the lock screen. The issue include trouble with swiping up to unlock from the lock screen, or pressing the torch or camera buttons. Some users have reported that they are unable to use their thumb on the lock screen, but when they use other fingers, the touch responsiveness works fine.

iPhone 12 mini touch screen not working

iPhone 12 mini touch screen not working on the lock screen? You are not alone

A few users have shared that the issue happens because they had a screen protector on, and removing it resolved the issue for them. Before you start peeling off that screen protector from your iPhone 12 mini, let us tell you that there are many users who are seeing the issue even without any screen protector. For now, the only workaround we can recommend is that you should try and use any finger other than your thumb on the lock screen. The issue only affects the lock screen so when once unlocked, you can go back to using your thumb for touch input.

While some of the reports with thumb and fingers on iPhone 12 mini lock screen sound odd, they are plausible and could be due to how Apple recognizes actual touch vs accidental touch, specially when the phone is locked and in your pocket. iPhone 12 mini has the thinnest bezels on any of the new iPhone 12 models, and it might be possible that Apple implemented stronger accidental touch rejection, which takes into account something like a palm touching the screen, or finger testing on the screen, and rejecting the input. This could be getting confused with a larger surface area of a thumb, compared to a finger.

If the issue is indeed as per our theory, it could be fixed with a software update. Apple can update their accidental touch rejection algorithm to stop identifying thumb presses as unintended input. The company is already testing iOS 14.3 beta and might fix this issue in the update.

Or maybe, it is Apple’s way of saying that if you have large hands, you should get a larger iPhone 12 model.

Have you faced this issue with your iPhone 12 mini touch screen not working on the lock screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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