Leaker allegedly shows new iPhone 12 MagSafe color options for Apple’s spring collection

Apple is said to be preparing to launch its 20201 spring collection of iPhone accessories. According to a new leak, the tech giant might also announce the new iPhone 12 MagSafe cases with its lineup.

A series of images posted on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo and brought forth by leaker DuaRui on Twitter, claim to show the new colors for Apple’s 2021 Spring collection for iPhone 12 MagSafe case.

Leaker allegedly shows new iPhone 12 MagSafe color options for Apple's Spring Collection

Leaker showcases new iPhone 12 MagSafe color options for Apple’s spring accessory refresh

As per the leaked images, the Cupertino tech giant plans to release four stunning new color options for its iPhone 12 MagSafe cases. The colors in the images resemble a new blue, deep purple, light green, and orange. The images show the color of the new cases alongside their corresponding MagSafe indicator rings.

The color options are similar to Apple’s 2020 Spring Collection for iPhone 11 cases and Apple Watch bands. Apple could decide to do the same this year, so the images might also showcase new Apple Watch band colors.

The images were shared by the Weibo account “Uncle Pan Pan,” which does not have a track record for sharing accurate Apple information. However, the account was brought forth by DuanRui, who has proven accurate in the past.

Apple usually releases new Spring accessories towards the end of March and the beginning of April so we will most likely see something within the next several weeks. It is also rumored that the tech giant might have a virtual event planned for April to announce new iPads, AirTags, and perhaps a next-gen Apple TV – it is possible the new colors will be launched as part of that event.

Apple launched new MagSafe accessories in October 2020 alongside its iPhone 12 lineup. First introduced for MacBook in 2016, the company has expanded the magnetically attached accessories to iPhone 12 which includes wallets, cases, wireless chargers, and the MagSafe Duo charger. There are also a ton of third-party MagSafe accessories on the market.

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