Apple’s alleged AirTags will be small like a coin but 3x in thickness – Leak

Leaker @Max Weinbach has shared the design and price details of Apple’s alleged AirTags. In his latest YouTube video, EverythingApplePro quoted information from Weinbach who claims that the new trackers will be as small as a 50 cent coin but three times its thickness. With a $39 per unit retail price, the trackers would keep users’ information private and secure are expected to launch this year.

Since April 2020, news of alleged AirTags has been circulating in the industry. Although the company did not launch the trackers that year, new discoveries substantiate that Apple might launch them this year. Recently, in iOS 14.3 code, a hidden Items tab in Find My app was discovered which is expected to work with Apple’s and third-party location trackers. Images of Nomad and CYRILL’s new AirTAgs accessories were leaked.


The alleged AirTAgs will be small and will retail for $39

As Apple works hard to ensure users’ privacy and safety, the leaker claims that the trackers will never share users’ personal data. A new ‘Item Safety Feature‘ was found in iOS 14.5 beta 3 that prevents stalking for AirTags. In his new video on YouTube, the leaker shares that:

AirTags are 32mm x 32mm x 6mm. As for the inner-workings of AirTags, it’ll use the Find My network from devices to send the UUID of the AirTAg to the Apple servers for pinging. No other data from the tags get transferred.

My guess is there’s just a BLE beacon broadcasting that at any given moment that the iPhones pick up on. Tags can also pick up information on other nearby tags, so it can kinds hop off one another. So when tags come in contact with other tags, they’ll pass that data along.”

AirTags Find My Items iPhone

Claiming that Apple might launch the compact trackers in April, Weinbach says that AirTags will retail for $39 per tracker which is slightly lower than the previously reported $49 price tag. However, at $39, Apple’s trackers will still be higher than Samsung’s SmartTags retailing for $29.99 per piece.

Along with that, a retail source is telling us they are expecting 3 new product categories. Tablet, wearable and accessories. We are expecting AirTags to be accessories and they estimate the price to be around $39, but that’s an estimate.

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