iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews round-up: great camera system, bigger display, battery and more

iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available for pre-order and owners will be receiving their smartphones as early as November 13. Here is a round-up of iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews for you to make an informed buying decision.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 mini launched on November 6, and with that all the models of the new flagship smartphone series are available online. The entire line-up of the new iPhone 12 runs on a powerful A14 Bionic chip, supports a 5G network, XDR Retina display and more, all in a new flat edge-to-edge design.

Both Pro models, offer Dolby Vision support and LiDAR scanner, Night mode on all cameras, and Telephoto lens. However, the biggest iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display is the most advanced model of all with a distinguishable new camera system. Exclusively, in the biggest new iPhone, the camera lens is bigger, with a 47 percent larger main camera sensor, 2.5x Telephoto lens, and image stabilization.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Reviews

iPhone 12 Pro Max Reviews Round-Up

The new biggest iPhone 12, has a bigger battery, display and all-new camera system. The reviewers, put the new camera system to the test are impressed with the photography and videography results.

The Verge

“But I can’t shake the feeling that the iPhone 12 Pro Max very much feels like the perfect phone for the life I led before the pandemic. I used to spend a lot of time commuting, and on airplanes, and otherwise out and about getting work done on my phone. I used to go to a lot of events at night and take a lot of photos in bars. My notes indicate that I used to care a lot about mobile network speeds. This phone would have made significant improvements to all those things, but right now it just feels like another screen for social media on the couch.

I have a kid, and I always buy the latest phone to have the best camera. And there’s no question that this is the best camera. But if you’re feeling that usual tug to upgrade and you don’t need to, I do think you can wait this one out. Maybe 5G will be better next year. Maybe we’ll get that 120Hz display.”

Engadget  iPhone 12 Pro Max

“If you’re a big-phone person, or you care about camera performance above all, the Pro Max is the one you should be looking at. It’s a fantastic device, and the blend of power and battery life and cameras makes it easy to overlook some of the things Apple left out this year. Like I said earlier, I’ve turned into a small-phone guy during quarantine, but this is still the iPhone I’d buy for myself.”


“The iPhone 12 Pro Max is probably the easiest of all of the new iPhone 12 models to review. It’s huge and it has a really, really great camera. Probably one of the best cameras ever in a smartphone if not the best. For those of you coming from an iPhone “Max” or “Plus” model already, it’s a no brainer. Get it, it’s fantastic. It’s got everything Apple has to offer this year and it’s even a bit thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

A worthy upgrade, if you can pay the handling costs.”

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Marques Brownlee – YouTuber

The tech vlogger praised the bigger battery, screen and size but did not recommend to up get the more pricey Pro variant because he belives the camera results of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are not much different. So, his verdict is to upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max for everything else, than the camera.

“The biggest and best iPhone, battery, screen, viewfinder, and keyboard.”


iJustine – YouTuber 

The YouTuber was impressed with the size of the biggest iPhone which is slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max but easier to hold because of the round edges. She was also taken aback by the subtleness of the new gold color option which isn’t not loud.

To tested the new and advanced camera system of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, she tested it in daylight, filmed a sunset time-lapse, running and walking and in all wide lens, selfie camera, and new rear camera system. Her verdict,

“I was questioning my decision, when i ordered the Pro Max because the 12 Pro is such a perfect size. but the Stablization and 2.5x Zoom. I made the right choice.”

The Wired 

“But if you’re itching to know the answer to the bigger question, it’s yes—the Pro Max is the iPhone to buy if you want the best camera experience on a smartphone. Just know that the margin is slim.

‘The bigger the sensor, the better the image quality, the more detail you see in the frame, and the greater the improvements in low-light performance. Naturally, you’ll see all of these benefits in photos taken with the Pro Max.

All of the improvements you’ll get from a larger sensor are small when compared to the already excellent iPhone 12 Pro, but they add up to make this big handset the best camera phone on the market. Oh, and speaking of the size…”

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is available on apple.com for pre-order and will be in stores on November 13.

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