Speed test shows 5G on iPhone 12 is slower than every major Android phone

A new report by a mobile analytics firm claims that iPhone 12 series is slower than Android smartphones Samsung, Google, OnePlus, and LG in terms of 4G and 5G speeds in the U.S. The report also shows that Samsung came out on top of the list and dominated the rankings, accumulating for 60% of the top models tested.

Even though iPhone 12 saw a 2.3x jump in 5G speeds compared to its 4G speeds, the majority of the fastest top 25 5G smartphones was topped by Samsung. For overall download speed, Apple’s first 5G iPhone can be seen at the end of the rope.

Apple - iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is slower than at least 25 Android phones in 4G and 5G speeds, a report reveals

The report was shared by OpenSignal on smartphone 5G performance in the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S21 took the firsts spot with an average 4G/5G download speed of 56 Mbps. OpenSignal is a mobile analytics firm that focuses on mobile network experience performance.

When we compare the five largest smartphone brands in the U.S. we see Apple users have the biggest increase in download speed. In areas where 5G is available, Apple users had overall download speeds 2.3 times faster than the iPhone users’ 4G download speeds. Among the other brands we analyzed, the difference ranged from 1.7 times for LG users, to 1.4 times for OnePlus and Google users.

iPhone 12 speed test against Android smartphones

According to the report published, Samsung’s Galaxy series delivered a 5G download speed of 54 Mbps and 4G speed of 34 Mbps. Whereas, iPhone 12 delivered an average 5G download speed of 44.5 Mbps and 4G speed of 18.9 Mbps. OnePlus produced a 5G download speed up to 53.1 Mbps and 4G speed of 38.4 Mbps. Google delivered a 5G download speed of 52.2 Mbps and 4G speed of 36.8 Mbps. Next up, LG’s speed run produced a 5G download speed of 47.9 Mbps and 4G speed of 28.9 Mbps.

OpenSignal notes in the report that since iPhone models were using Intel instead of Qualcomm models, they are quite behind Android models in terms of 4G speeds. iPhone 12 managed to close the gap in 5G performance, but it is still behind its competitor Android.

iPhone 12 speed test against Android smartphones

The report further cites that iPad Pro is “yet to receive 5G support even though Apple has been consistent in believing cellular is a key part of the iPad range.” Apple has been offering cellular connectivity in iPads since 2010, but it is about time that the iPad Pro is updated with new graphics, SoC, and a new processor.

The most recent iPad Pro (early 2020) continues to use a minor variant of the same SoC that the 2018 iPad Pro used, rather than one based on the A series SoC used in the iPhone 12 range.

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