iPhone 13 battery sizes have increased – here are the changes

iPhone 13 battery sizes have increased across the board, as evident by the different reviews of the smartphones so far. Although Apple claimed that battery improvements are attributed to the new A15 Bionic chip and ProMotion display on the Pro models, the increase in battery life also comes due to the larger batteries.

As per some numbers, the increase in battery sizes is significant, with iPhone 13 mini featuring a 9% larger battery over iPhone 12 mini, while the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max has the biggest battery increase, with an 18.5% increase over iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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iPhone 13 battery sizes have improved from 9% to 18.5% across the line-up

It was long rumored that iPhone 13 Pro models will have larger batteries, primarily due to high refresh rate displays with ProMotion tech, but it was a pleasant surprise to see the improvements across all models.

As per Chemtrec, spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple published the official battery capacities for the new iPhone 13 models. The values have been published in Watt-hours, and not in mAh. However, the same Chemtrec document contains Wh values of iPhone 12 series, so we were able to put together a comparison table:

ModelWh RatingModelWh RatingDifference
iPhone 13 mini9.34iPhone 12 mini8.578.9%
iPhone 1312.41iPhone 1210.7815.1%
iPhone 13 Pro11.97iPhone 12 Pro10.7811.0%
iPhone 13 Pro Max16.75iPhone 12 Pro Max14.1318.5%

A surprise here is that the battery in iPhone 13 Pro is smaller than the one in iPhone 13, even though iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had the same battery sizes. It could be due to the larger camera module in iPhone 13 Pro, but we will know for sure once folks from iFixit get their hands on the phones to do a teardown.

iOS 15 battery life improvements are also evident on the latest iPhone 8 and later models, so it should also help with increased efficiency, along with A15 Bionic, ProMotion displays, and larger batteries.

Numbers don’t show the complete picture though. How do these phones perform in real-world usage? We have not seen many reviewers post their battery comparison tests yet but Apple claims that iPhone 13 Pro Max has twice the battery life of iPhone 12 Pro Max for video streaming, which shows the benefit of ProMotion technology, as it can ramp down display refresh rate to allow for longer video playback times.

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