PSA: Using Android USB-C cables to charge iPhone 15 may lead to overheating

Apple is concerned about potential overheating issues when using Android USB-C cables with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

In a significant move this year, Apple transitioned its entire iPhone 15 lineup from the familiar Lightning connector to the more universal USB-C standard. While users Android owners may have been excited about using their existing USB-C cables to charge their new iPhone, it appears that is not recommended by Apple.

iPhone 15 USB-C

Apple Stores urge iPhone 15 owners to use Apple USB-C cables

The pin arrangement difference

A new report from GizmoChina reveals that Apple Stores in Foshan, Guangdong Province, have warned iPhone 15 users about the potential dangers of using USB-C cables designed for Android devices. The key difference lies in the pin arrangement of the USB-C interfaces. While the physical connector might look the same, the arrangement of pins inside varies between Apple and many Android cables.

Why it matters

The main issue here is the size of the gap between the 9-pin and 11-pin connectors. When you connect an Android USB-C cable to an iPhone 15, the connector side of the cable might overheat. This can pose problems for the device’s USB-C port, potentially causing long-term damage. The result could be a melted or shorted USB-C port, which could impact your device’s functionality.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

Apple Store cautions

Multiple Apple Stores in China have advised customers to avoid using Android USB-C cables with their iPhone 15. The motive behind this caution is not entirely clear, but it’s possible that Apple is looking out for its customers’ best interests, aiming to prevent potential overheating issues and protect the lifespan of the device. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s own USB-C cables tend to be priced higher than their Android counterparts.

No incidents yet

As of now, there haven’t been any reported incidents where an iPhone 15’s USB-C port has melted or shorted due to using an Android cable. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, especially with a brand-new and high-value device like the iPhone 15.

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Our recommendation

If you recently purchased an iPhone 15, it may be best to use Apple’s USB-C cables. While there’s no confirmation of how Apple’s warranty will handle potential damage caused by non-Apple cables, preventing such issues from occurring in the first place is undoubtedly a prudent approach. Investing more in Apple’s accessories can help you avoid any potential risks and ensure a smoother experience with your new iPhone.

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