Is your iPhone 15 overheating? Here’s everything you need to know [U: Apple to release a fix in new iOS 17 update]

Apple recently launched the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Now that the lineup is available in stores, numerous reports are circulating on social media about the iPhone 15 models overheating to the point of being too hot to hold. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 15 overheating issue.

[Update; September 30, 2023: Apple is addressing recent complaints from users regarding iPhone 15 overheating issues with a forthcoming software update. The tech giant confirmed that the new titanium design is not the cause of overheating problems.

The fix, expected in iOS 17.0.3, will resolve a bug worsening the issue and address third-party apps like Asphalt 9, Instagram, and Uber, which have been overloading the system. Apple assured users that there’s no safety risk or long-term performance impact and emphasized that iOS has safeguards against overheating. The update’s release date remains uncertain, but it should arrive relatively soon, with iOS 17.1 also in the works.]

iPhone 15 overheating

iPhone 15 reportedly getting too hot for basic tasks like taking pictures, using social media, etc

Dozens of reports of the iPhone 15 overheating can be found on every social media platform. Some users dealing with the iPhone 15 overheating issue are blaming the new titanium frame while others are claiming that the A17 Bionic chipset is the issue.

Check out some noteworthy user reports below as well as what you should do if your iPhone 15 is overheating.

iPhone 15

On a Reddit thread highlighting the iPhone 15 overheating issue, one user shared their experience of their iPhone 15 getting “uncomfortably hot.” The user went on to theorize that the iPhone 15 may be unable to regulate heat due to its new titanium frame.

15 PM – Mine got unusually hot during the setup process which I noticed but didn’t think to much on it.

Test – Recording a 15-20 minute video (4K, 60FPS) caused the phone to get uncomfortably hot and also prompted a message stating that the phone needed to cool down (It also disabled the flash). This was conducted in doors on a cool/average UK day.

Test – Playing Asphalt 9 (10 minutes) had a similar effect, not quite as hot as recording in 4k, but more so than I would expect. No overheating message.

I wonder whether in some way it relates to the heat properties of titanium or whether it’s solely down to Apple (Unfortunately) not putting enough thought into an appropriate cooling solution. Reducing chip size is suppose to aid in power efficiency and in turn, heat output.

Another user revealed that running basic tasks on their iPhone 15 Pro, such as using the camera or social media, causes it to overheat. 

Ya my iPhone 15 pro is constantly warm! Photos and videos make it super hot, charging makes it super hot, using it for YouTube and social media is also warm, like why is this so inefficiently heat managed apple! unlike the pro Max line supposedly that’s better but ugh I’m just annoyed with how hot this thing is

This Reddit user chimed in on the thread saying that they formatted their iPhone 15 Pro Max as a solution. Unfortunately, it did not work and the overheating issue persisted.

HOT!!!! 15 pro max here overheated to the point saying iPhone is cooling down with the red ! And it’s 60 outside while recording 4k 60fps brightness only about 10 percent up no other apps open formatted the phone using iTunes restore and NOT putting any of my info back on phone didn’t install any apps did it again OVER HEATED AGAIN! no it was AT NIGHT

What can be done to fix the iPhone 15 overheating issue?

While it may seem like the iPhone 15 overheating issue is widespread, a ton of iPhone 15 owners have said that their device does not overheat. This could be why Apple has not acknowledged the issue yet.

According to notable figures in the industry, it’s not uncommon for new iPhones to experience initial overheating problems. In addition to this, they anticipate that this issue will resolve itself over time.

In the meantime, iPhone 15 owners should keep an eye out for upcoming minor software updates from Apple. these updates, like the recent release of iOS 17.0.1, are typically designed to address bugs and, on occasion, resolve any battery-related issues that might be affecting new devices.

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