Leaked Image of iPhone 15 Pro enclosure hints at new volume control design

An unverified image claiming to show the enclosure metal of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro has been circulating online. These images depict a cutaway and indented section where the volume buttons may be located. While rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a single long volume control, this leaked image appears to show a new design that is not conclusive either way.

iPhone 15 Pro

New volume control design for iPhone 15 Pro? Check it out below

The image was shared on Twitter by a user called “fix Apple,” who claims to be a hardware technician at both Apple and Huawei. The user rarely tweets and described the image as the “new one,” but does not specify whether it is a side view of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, or another model altogether. It is assumed that the image shows the iPhone 15 Pro.

The image depicts four iPhones, each with a section for volume control, but with no buttons present. Instead, there is a section indented into the chassis that features a pair of contact points.

iphone 15 Pro

It is unclear whether this indicates a single button that stretches over the two points, but it is a single indent, unlike previous iPhone chassis that had separate cutaways for the two volume controls and one for the lock button. The spacing of the switch in the images suggests that it is more suitable for the mute rocker than the power button on the iPhone 14, at least.

It is difficult to ascertain the origin of the images, and it remains unclear what they show. However, the camera bump can be seen on the right of each iPhone in the image, despite the angle of the shot. This suggests that the positioning of the cutaway for a button is better aligned with the power switch.

In addition to the rumored changes to the volume controls, it is expected that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be a new iteration of the existing design. The metal frame will be made of titanium instead of stainless steel, and the bottom edge will curve into the glass back for a more uniform, smooth design. The glass back will remain the same to enable wireless charging and MagSafe.

iPhone 15 Pro

The camera bump could change to accommodate the rumored periscope telephoto camera, and while the camera system will be new, the bump could shrink slightly in length and width. However, it is still expected to be thicker overall.

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