iPhone 5 Unboxing Video Posted To The Internet [VIDEO]

Did you think Apple had stepped up their security of future devices after the iPhone 4 got leaked by Gizmodo just about a year ago? You may be wrong. A new video has just been posted to the internet claiming it unboxes the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

The video is uploaded by iPhone InvisibleShield makers called ZAGG. You can view the full unboxing video below.

According to the video, the phone has a larger display as expected and is much thinner. It also.. let’s just not take the fun away, watch the video yourself here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdWRrpmD0Ko]

Gotcha there! This video is obviously fake, but it’ll probably keep our hopes up until the next generation iPhone is actually unveiled.

The real iPhone 5 will (hopefully) look better. It is expected to have an A5 chip, larger display and a thinner bezel. The device will probably be unveiled this month or maybe next month. Many reports indicate that the iPhone 5 will launch in September, while others claim the release date to be in October.

(via iDownloadBlog)

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