Leaked iPhone SE 4 CAD renders reveal all-screen design and Face ID

The release of Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE 4 is drawing closer, and rumors are continuing to circulate. The new iPhone SE 4 will differ significantly from its predecessors, as evidenced by leaked CAD renders and insights shared by industry experts.
iPhone SE 4

Budget-friendly iPhone SE 4 to offer 6.1-inch display and USB-C charging

The iPhone SE 4’s departure from the conventional home button design is the most noticeable finding from the leaked CAD renders. As with its flagship iPhone models, Apple is adopting a contemporary all-screen strategy in its place. The device is anticipated to have a sizable 6.1-inch display, which is a significant improvement over the 4.7-inch screen of the previous generation. In addition to improving the user experience, this larger display puts the iPhone SE line more in line with what consumers expect from a screen size.

The iPhone SE 4 features Face ID technology integrated into a notch similar to that found on the iPhone 13/14 series. This is a major upgrade over the Touch ID system included in previous models, providing users with a more secure and seamless login process.

iPhone SE 4

Despite these modern upgrades, Apple is rumored to maintain affordability by equipping the iPhone SE 4 with a single primary camera at the back. While flagship models have several cameras and sophisticated photography features, the iPhone SE 4 prioritizes providing necessary features without sacrificing performance.

iPhone SE 4

From a design perspective, the iPhone SE 4 is similar to the iPhone 14, with sleek styling and flat sides. The addition of a USB-C port further aligns the device with current industry standards, offering faster data transfer and charging capabilities.

iPhone SE 4

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the release date of the upcoming smartphone, with some sources pointing to a 2025 launch. However, given the mounting anticipation and rumors, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the device make an appearance sooner, possibly alongside the iPhone 16 series.

Aside from the design of the upcoming iPhone SE 4, it is anticipated that the smartphone will feature a new chipset, potentially transitioning from the A15 to an A16 processor or a newer SoC. The exact chip remains undisclosed, promising enhanced performance and efficiency. This upgrade hints at improved processing power, contributing to a smoother user experience, and supporting future software updates.

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