iTunes Music Store Might Make A Move to The Web on 1st September

At least AllThingsDigital tends to think so. While they’re making it sound like the holy grail by putting a ‘think social, not streaming’ tittle to their article, it seems much low key than that. According to them, Apple hasn’t yet made any deals with record companies to provide any iTunes update that will let you stream music directly to your devices,  but it could possibly unveil a web version of iTunes Music Store coming Wednesday, 1st September at the Apple media event where the new iPod and possibly iTV would be unveiled.iTunes Web Music Store

Apple already has a kind of ‘web based’ iTunes App Store i.e. you can see app details, descriptions, comments and images on the web before heading over to iTunes to buy them. Add Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons and replace app with music and you’ve got the music version of iTunes app store up on the web. Add a touch of sharing recommendations and playlists with friends and allow users to buy music right from within the web based iTunes music store and you’ve got the first baby steps of iTunes towards the cloud.

A few far fetched speculations such as ability to copy purchased music from iPhone to a computer without having to connect them together is also mentioned in the article.

While this is all a welcome change, it doesn’t surprise me. It only seems like Apple is bringing iTunes to 2010, finally. No big deal.

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