Samsung Galaxy Tab User Interface Previewed on Video

A few days ago, Samsung released a 30 second teaser video of their upcoming 7-inch Galaxy Tab which revealed some of its details. Although the tablet looked impressive in the teaser, nobody knew how the device would work with Android 2.2. Today, a Korean site shared a 3 minute video preview of the device. From the video we know that the device will have Android 2.2, WCDMA 3G, 802.11n WiFi, a 16:10 screen ratio, front-facing camera for video calling, SDHC memory expandability and a DMB tuner. This video shows the working user interface of the device and it looks really great as the device was working smoothly.


Compared to the iPad, Galaxy Tab is a little bit smaller but from the video the user interface of both the devices looks very similar. This device will be the first real competitor for iPad. iPad has much better apps available then we can expect in Galaxy Tab so it has steep competition. If you want a tablet for video calling, web browsing (with Flash) and for reading e-books then Galaxy Tablet will not be a bad deal.

[via Engadget]

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  1. any word about the price? i think android is the future… but right now i have an iTouch and want an iPod

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