LG is working on a Tablet to compete against iPad and Galaxy Tab

After the launch of iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be the first tablet that would be able to hold a candle to the awesomeness that is Apple’s tablet. It might not sell like the iPad, but we believe it should be successful like Samsung Galaxy S. Nowadays, every big company is claiming that they are working on a tablet of their own. Today, Samsung’s competitor LG’s head of mobile Scott Ann revealed that they are working on their own tablet as well.

LG tablet

Scott Ahn didn’t announced anything officially about the tablet today, speaking at an event at Seoul, but he gave some hints that it will come soon.

Let me underline we are confident that we will provide the best tablet of its kind when we are ready.


Not only did he mention that they are working on their own tablet but he also taunted the Samsung Galaxy Tab and possibly iPad too that they don’t want to just launch a larger smartphone and it is a more interesting category then that and a lot more should be done with it on hardware, software and content.

The [tablet computer] is the most interesting category out there but we don’t just want to release a large smartphone – we want to release the best in market.

We have to consider hardware, software and content equally.

Now we can only guess that LG is planning to launch a bigger tablet like iPad. But at this point we don’t know anything about this one as we don’t even know whether they will make an Android Tablet or a Windows 7 based tablet. Well, whatever the case is, it has to compete with some other big tablets like the iPad and soon, Galaxy Tab

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