Consumer Reports reacts on discontinuation of iPhone 4 free case program – continues to not recommend it

Initially after the launch of iPhone 4, its antenna issue was raised by everyone on the Internet. Consumer Reports didn’t recommended iPhone 4 as a must buy because of the same issue. They said that a tape or a case easily solves the antenna problem of iPhone 4. But even after Apple offered a free case with iPhone 4 Consumer Reports still didn’t recommended it. And now when Apple has announced that they will discontinue the free iPhone 4 case program, Consumer Reports condemns the end of free case program and will continue to not recommend iPhone 4.


Apple announced on Friday about the discontinuation of the free iPhone 4 case program after 30th September because they think this is just a minor issue and only a few number of buyers are facing it. If anybody still has a serious problem with their iPhone 4 after 30th September, then he should call Apple Care for the solution.

The consumer buying advice group says that this change would be less consumer friendly because first you would have to experience the antenna issue and then contact Apple for the free case.

Even if the site continues to not recommend the iPhone 4, they still rank iPhone 4 as the best smartphone despite its signal issues.

[via AppleInsider]

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