New Xbox 360 Dashboard Leaked and Demonstrated on Video. Update coming in November

xbox-dashboard-09-13-2010Engadget has found a few videos of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard that has been leaked thanks to the Kinect beta program. This new Dashboard will be released as an update in November. This new Dashboard will be compatible with Kinect so you’ll be able to control it with gestures and voice commands. The dashboard is still in beta but gives a good idea of what’s to come.

The Xbox 360 dashboard was last updated in 2009. Microsoft introduced Kinect this year as a controller less means to interact with games and the console to watch movies, listen to music, communicate with friends and much more. Kinect will be available soon for different prices for different bundles. The reception so far from Kinect previews has been really good although expectedly, Sony and Nintendo aren’t too pleased.

Here at iTD, we can’t wait to get our hands on Kinect.


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