Microsoft looking to start Xbox LIVE and Kinect Beta Program

According to Joystiq , Microsoft is sending out invitations to some of its Microsoft Connect users to join “Xbox Live and Kinect Beta Program” as they plan to begin it soon. Several users have received the invitation via Microsoft Connect, a service which is used to gather customer feedback on products in testing. The participants of the program will be provided opportunity to see pre-released software and give their feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft Xbox live and Kinect beta programThe participants of the program will not be allowed to chat with those who are not part of the program which indicates that this beta program may have the new video chat application which was shown at E3 in the new Kinect dashboard.

Joystiq mentioned that the email sent to them is valid but Microsoft has not said anything about it yet. May be Microsoft want to test Kinect in the wild before launching it officially in November. If Microsoft decides to give their new hardware to testers then we would hear about Kinect, time and again till its launch.

[via engadget]

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