Little Evidence of the next iPad or iPad Mini having a Retina Display

We have been hearing rumors since months about Apple launching an iPad Mini in the latter part of this year. Yesterday, iLounge also reported that Apple is working on 7 inch iPad and it will be available later this year, probably in time for Christmas holidays. According to 9to5Mac, this mini iPad will have a Retina display with a high density resolution of 1500×2000. Macstories has some interesting findings which hint at the possibility of an iPad mini with a Retina display.


iBooks Retina Files

According to Macstories, if you somehow access the iPad’s file system and open the folder, you would find that there is a “bookmark-ribbon-iPad@2x.png” file there. Most of us know that Rentina display images have @2x in the file and that’s why iPhone images are called “bookmark-ribbon-iPhone@2x.png” and “bookmark-ribbon-iPhone.png”. The screenshot above shows this.

Compared to the normal bookmark images, the iPad has 38 x 68 px and 2x is 76 x 136 px which is double in size. Does this means that iPad mini will have a 2048 x 1536 display as mentioned by 9to5mac. This could be the reason that the Apple programmer left only that file in there as there are no other iPad@2x files in the folder.

The rumors keep coming in.

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