Nexus One now available as Google’s Official Developer Phone

About two weeks ago, Google announced that they will not sell Nexus One online anymore. It is no longer available for purchase directly from Google which meant that the Nexus One is good as dead now. They also announced that it would be still available for developers. Today, Google has officially announced that Nexus One is their developer phone and it would be available for developer for $529.

Nexus One is official Android development phone

It’s almost the same as the recent consumer model of Nexus One and it would ship with Android 2.1 but it would receive android 2.2 shortly after it is turned on. It will come with T-Mobile. The specs mention that the device has “no root access” so that the bootloader is locked. This shows that it would be the same as the Nexus One available before for consumers. Its fastboot is not enabled too which shows that it is going to cause problems with bootloader unlocks in the field.

[via Engadget]

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