Next-generation M3 chips will reportedly feature up to 32 CPU cores and 80 GPU cores

Apple’s highly anticipated “Scary Fast” event is slated to take place on October 30. The event is going to be focused on Mac launches. Subsequently, the tech giant is rumored to unveil three new M3-series chips, set to accompany the revamped MacBook Pro and the long-awaited 24-inch iMac refresh.

A new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shed some light on the specifications of the next-generation Apple Silicon chips.

Scary Fast

Revamped MacBook Pro and iMac to come in M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max configurations

This next generation of Apple Silicon is set to revolutionize forthcoming Mac launches, specifically aimed at boosting the performance and capabilities of the MacBook Pro series and the 24-inch iMac.

Gurman has revealed that the focus of Apple’s “Scary Fast” event will be the introduction of the M3 series chips, marking a substantial leap in the tech giant’s processor technology. The next-generation Apple Silicon launch will consist of the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, each promising an array of powerful configurations.

The foundational M3 chip is designed on the cutting-edge 3nm process, featuring an 8-core CPU (four high-performance and four efficiency cores) alongside a 10-core GPU. While mirroring the core counts of its predecessor, the M2, it’s expected to deliver enhanced performance through higher unified RAM support and increased core clock speeds, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

The M3 Pro variant has been tested across various configurations, including a potential 12-core CPU (six high-performance and six efficiency cores) coupled with an 18-core GPU. Speculations suggest the flexibility for customers to configure their MacBook Pro with an M3 Pro boasting a formidable 14-core CPU and an impressive 20-core GPU, particularly in the pricier MacBook Pro models.

The M3 Max, like its Pro counterpart, has undergone multiple tests in varying configurations. Notably, it features a 16-core CPU (12 high-performance and four efficiency cores) and is reported to offer an exceptional 32-core GPU. Apple is also exploring a version with a staggering 40-core GPU, setting a new benchmark for high-end MacBook Pro models.

M3 Max MacBook Pro

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